Best Value Transfers in Michiana!

Find a sweet deal online you can’t pass up?  We know how that goes.  If your question isn’t answered below, feel free to call us at 574.703.3811 or email us at with any inquiry!

How Much Does It Cost?

We charge just $30 per firearm for a transfer.  This is whether it’s an online transfer, or a private transfer.

How Do Online Transfers Work?

At Belcher’s, we make FFL transfers as painless as possible.  When you buy a gun online, all you do is select us as your preferred FFL dealer.  Most online dealers have our information already.  If they don’t, all you do is get a hold of us via phone or email and provide us with the seller’s contact information.  We take care of the rest!  When the firearm arrives, we log it in as soon as we can and get in touch with you so you know that your firearm is ready to be picked up.  Then it’s just the normal paperwork (4473) for the background check and the $30 transfer fee.

Do You Do Private Transfers?

You bet!  All that is required is that each participant in the private transfer have an updated form of ID.  The $30 transfer fee is the same, and the process is very similar to above.  Both participants in the transfer should be present but if it that is not possible we understand.  The seller simply provides the name, contact information, and estimated time/day of the buyer is supposed to pick it up and we work it from there.

What If I Want To Ship A Firearm Out?

We can do that!  We do require you to bring the firearm in boxed up and ready ship to according to UPS guidelines for packaging.  If you cannot do that then we box up the package for you at an additional $10 fee.  You pay the shipping fees, which vary primarily based on the weight and size of the shipment.  Handguns are typically right around $35-$45 for shipping (as federal law requires them to be shipped 2-day).  The $30 transfer fee still applies per firearm as well. The only other thing we’ll need is the contact information for the receiving FFL and the name and contact information for the buyer.  We’ll provide the tracking information of the package for you if you like!